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what we do

who we are

GPC Labworks is a photofinishing lab where we  develop, print and scan colour film, black & white film as well as single use/disposable cameras.

we also print from digital files onto traditional colour photographic paper as well as to inkjet/giclée papers.

prints from digital files can be ordered in our store or online through our fotodesk print service for in-store pick-up.

we also carry a range of colour and black and white film for sale.
where we are
273 bank st, ottawa, ontario, canada
k2p 1x5

613 567.0770
fotodesk online print ordering:
film developing
      colour print (C-41)
      black and white
photographic printing
      from digital files
      from negatives
      from slides
      from original prints
scanning / digitizing
     from film
     from photographs
     from artwork
 store hours:
  weekdays 9 am to 5:30 pm
  saturday 12 noon to 4:30 pm
fotodesk english
fotodesk français
we close for all national and ontario holidays